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Manson Construction Company’s 10.000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredge M/V Glenn Edwards is the newest and largest hopper dredge in the U.S. dredger arsenal. It is also a dredger with a peculiar design. 

This vessel was launched in 2006, and worked exclusively in U.S. waters ever since, under the protection of the Jones Act, as a U.S. flagged vessel.




Length:  118.9 m

Beam:     23.16 m

Loaded Draft:  8.53 m

Suction Diameter:    965 mm / 2 pipes

Discharge Diameter: 965 mm



Hopper Capacity: 10,321 m3

Maximum Dredging Depth: 27.4 m

Sailing Speed Light: 13 KT  Loaded: 11 KT

Total Installed Power:  8,951 kW


Unusual features


Unusual among large hopper dredges, the Glenn Edwards is propelled by three 1,920 kW azimuthing Z‑drive units fitted with nozzles, and a bowthruster, for easy manoeuvring in ports.

Another unique design feature is the drives of the underwaterpumps.


The vessel has no trunnion slides.

The suction pipes are connected to the hopper discharge pipes on deck, with a bend and a turning gland. (A warning against this design can be found in the article on the capsizing of the M/V “Spauwer”).


Two diesel engines are mounted on top of these bends, with a direct drive shaft over the upperpipe, to the submerged dredge pumps. This design is very uncommon for trailers, but reminds of cutterdredger ladder designs.

The same design can be found in TSHD "NEwport", of the same company:



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