The Art of Dredging

Dredging and shipping


A visual celebration of oldtimer dredgers.




















 TSHD "Woodbury, seagoing (!) anno 1873, with a hopper of 40 cubic yards.

TSHD "Abescon"

TSHD "Comber"

"McFarland" , approaching a positioning pontoon, with discharge equipment.


“Henry Burden”, built 1874, with twin paddle propulsion, a very early design of a trailer hopperdredger.

Left  “New Oreleans” used as a pump-ashore-vessel, charged with sand by TSHD “Goethals”, right.

 “Goethals” alongside a pontoon, pumping ashore.  No floating rubber hoses and bowdischarge installed yet !


Hopperdredger New Orleans

This dredger was equipped with a “Fruhling” draghead on a central suction pipe. The central suction pipe design was copied from earlier bucketdredgers.













Cutterdredgers / Plain suction dredgers

Design for a primitive plain suction dredge.










"Wynyard", 1970

Auxilliary equipment

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