The Art of Dredging

Dredging and shipping

Thesis "One-Man-Operated Bridge aan boord van sleephopperzuigers" by Ben De Backer


Main control desk onboard TSHD "Artevelde", DEME, designed by IHC

The "One Man Operated Bridge" cuts the edges in the fields of ergonomics, automatisation and legislation.

Trailer dredgers are completely redesigned to fit the idea of a single man operating the dredge installation and simulaneously navigating the ship. In the Belgian dredging company DEME, OMOB-ships are mainstream.


Ben De Backer, ex-student of the Antwerp Nautical College wrote a thesis on this subject; and a well written text it is, to the point, digging deep into all aspects of OMOB-dredgers.









Download this thesis here. (5 Mb, pdf)













Marc Van de Velde

september 2010








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