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Book review  "DP Operator's Manual" by capt. D. Bray


 Dynamic positioning technology is on the rise in the dredging industry. Most newbuilt large trailer dredgers are installed with DP/DT(*) systems. 

"DP Operator's manual", written by Captain D. Bray, FNI and published by The Nautical Institute spring 2008. Price: 20 GBP, not including mail.

The Nautical Institute acts as a regulating body for DP operator courses and accreditation of DP course providers. Captain Bray was instrumental in this development.

"DP Operator's Manual" contains 122 pages, A5-format,  (it's more a booklet than a book) but is nevertheless densely packed with info on DP-operations, with chapters on redundancy, operational planning, position referencing, power management, and human factors.

The whole book is written with a broad experience and is knowledge-sharing on every page.

The book is not an introduction to dynamic positioning, and the reader must be knowledgeable with DP-basics before reading this. The text is -at least- one level up from DP-basics.

If you get involved with DP-operations: very much worth reading.


Marc Van de Velde


(*) DP/DT: Dynamic Positioning / Dynamic Tracking

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