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New book for ECDIS training :  'ECDIS BASICS'


Geomares Publishing is introducing a new training book "ECDIS BASICS", written by professor Ralph Becker-Heins.


"ECDIS BASICS" is a "different" book on Ecdis; it aims to impart practical hands-on knowledge to all Ecdis trainees.

The guide gives an overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation and the related challenges for those using the system. The book is based upon principles of the IMO Model course 1.27.




The author of the book, Ralph Becker-Heins, is professor of Navigation at the University of  Bremen, Germany and General Manager of MSG MarineServe GmbH and Safebridge GmbH, both maritime training companies in Hamburg, Germany.

The publisher of this book, Geomares Publishing, Lemmer, The Netherlands, holds several ECDIS and e-navigation products in its portfolio such as the online news website eNav International (www.enav-international), aimed at decision-makers navigating towards ECDIS and The Electronic Chart Fundamentals, Functions, Data and other Essentials A Textbook for ECDIS Use and Training by Hecht et al. (



Title: ECDIS Basics A Guide to the Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems

Publisher: Geomares Publishing

ISBN 978-90-806205-9-9

Price: €44, number of pages: 248

Orders via: (For larger quantities or inquiries, ask Trea Fledderus at or +31 514 56 1854+31 514 56 1854)


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