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TSHD "Charles Darwin" moving out of the yard


"Charles Darwin" has left the yard early december for basin- and sea-trials, and -later this month- will go into drydock for final inspection, and complete outfitting and final delivery to the client within a couple of weeks.

The trailer dredger Charles Darwin is another milestone in the JDN newbuilding program.












This ship is specifically designed for shallow water operations, with a loaded draught of 11 meters, for a load of 30.000 m3; beam is 40 meter, with a length-over-all of 181 meter, showing the extreme proportions, with an underwaterform, finetuned for navigation with minimal underkeel clearance.

Maximum suction depth is 93 meters. 



Equipped with twin suction pipes, with 3.4 MW underwaterpumps, and a total installed power of 23.6 MW, this will be a tough contender in its market segment, in terms of production, payload and fuel efficiency.






december 2010

Marc Van de Velde



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