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Dokmar  is a one-man-project by Klaas van Dokkum from the Netherlands.

He sailed ten years, mainly on general cargo's, followed by twenty years in maritime education at Delfzijl, the Netherlands.

Since year 2000, he edits the Dokmar series of books.

All his books are set up as textbooks; and they are all very much on top of the latest developments, thanks to a large input from the shipping industry.

The Dokmar books explain difficult concepts in a simple and concise way, using images, rather than text, as prime way to explain difficult concepts.



"Ship Knowledge"

ISBN: 978-90-71500-14-5

Ship Knowledge (6th edition) is all about ships:  topics in this book range from naval architecture, to maintenance, safety and the regulations governing the shipping industry.

The text is overflowing with  illustrations; detailed drawings, photographs and sectionals of many different types of ships, full colour, making the book a very attractive primer in shipping, often used in maritime training.


A Chinese version of this book is in preparation.





 "The Colregs Guide"


ISBN: 978-90-71500-04-6

The Collision Regulations are complicated, and open for lengthy interpretations.

This book approaches the Colregs in a novel way: it uses pictures and 3D-illustrations, taken from a ship simulator, showing top views of situations and views from the bridge of ships, to make the reader familair with collision rules; lights and daymarks.

Explanation of the rules is rather  brief, and lacks depth.





"Ship Stability"


ISBN: 978-90-71500-15-2

Ship stability is a difficult set of concepts to grab; nevertheless, it plays an extremely important role in shipping.   

The strength of this book is that stability is made visible,  and understandable for everyone, through many photos, figures and drawings, unlike other (dull) textbooks on this subject.

This book makes stability look sexy.








"Ship Electrical Systems"


ISBN: 978-90-71500-17-6

Ship Electrical Systems is the latest addition in the Dokmar series of books.

Again: graphics take center stage; the signature Dokmar way.










"Ocean Pioneers"


ISBN: 9789071500091

"Ocean Pioneers" is out of the educational scope of Dokmar; it is a "coffeetable-book" on sailing pioneers, most amazing stories about ocean passages in the tiniest of boats.

Drawings are by Robbert Das -always a recommendation-.













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