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DP OPERATOR'S HANDBOOK - 2nd Edition - book review


"DP OPERATOR'S HANDBOOK - a practical guide"  (second edition)

by Captain D. J. Bray, FNI

published by The Nautical Institute

ISBN: 978 1 906915 15 5



The first edition of this book was already reviewed on this site; this re-issued handbook contains more diagrams, photo's, and focuses on operational functions, bridge management, communications and the correct ways to set up, test and monitor DP-equipment.

The purpose of the author was to provide re-enforcement of good operational discipline and to cover human element issues to be addressed by all DP-operators working in the capital offshore industry.

The book provides a summary of good practice with emphasis on proper planning of DP-operations.




This book complements the Nautical Institute's D.P. Operator's scheme and is a handy reference for officers transferring to new vessel types and a refresher for operational practices.

Compared with the first edition, captain Bray kicks into higher gear with his knowledge-sharing, making this book a standard reference for DP-operations.






12 /2010

Marc Van de Velde

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