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Collision W.D. Faiway with MSC Joanna, Tianjin 2007

The access channel to Tianjin port, China is a long straight channel, dredged in the mud flats. The port is frequented by large containerships and VLCC's. Tianjin is a rising star in China's maritime universum, and under full development.


 W.D.Fairway, lengthened.













March, 8th, 2007, around 14h00 local time, TSHD  W.D. Fairway was hit port side midships by M.S.C.  Joanna.

W.D. Fairway was holed, listed severely over port side, and stayed locked in with MSC Joanna for 1.5 days. The "Fairway" was intentionally grounded on a sandbank to stabilise the ship..

WD Fairway was one of the largest hopperdredgers in the world. But it's a nutshell compared with the massive 9200 TEU, 321 meter MSC Joanna.

Nobody of the crewmembers was injured.

After the collision with the MSC Joanna, there were some doubts about wether or not the Fairway could be repaired.

Finally, Boskalis received 167 million euro from the insurers, and reinvested this in two smaller hopperdredgers:

Last news about the W.D Fairway is that the ship still is laying in Thailand, declared Constructive Total Loss (CTL), but not yet scrapped.


Photo' s of the accident

Fairway grounded on a sandbank, after being pulled free from MSC Joanna.






Damage to MSC Joanna was minimal.

After emergency repairs the ship could continue on her shedule.


Jumboizing of W.D. Fairway

Dredger WD Fairway was built by Verolme Shipyard, and brought into service in 1997.        The ship was jumboised in  2003, by Sembawang Shipyard, in Karimun (Indonesia) and Singapore.

 The ship before and after the lenghtening, from 171 to 227 meter. 


The jumboisation project was executed in two phases.

The first phase involved the fabrication of a new 4,600 tonnes mid-body in SS's subsidiary, Karimun Sembawang Shipyard, while the critical work in the second phase was carried out in the main yard in Singapore. Work in the second phase included the installation of the new mid-body section to the dredger. The vessel was lengthened from 171 metres to 227 metres and its hopper capacity increased from 23,347m3 to 35,500m3.

A new bulbous bow and ducktail were also installed to improve the vessel's sailing performance.


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