The Art of Dredging

Dredging and shipping

Goodbye to TSHD "Gerardus Mercator"

When I boarded Gerardus Mercator, back in 1999, it was the largest dredger in the world, a shiny new ship with a big wow-factor; a "Hollywood-hopper".

Ten years later, it's a versatile jumbo, that made it's marks in Taiwan, Singapore,  Sachalin, Korea,  ...  seen it, done that, dredged there, and did some pioneering.

  Pelepas, 2009

 It's only a ship, only a job ...

But for many onboard Gerardus Mercator -including myself- it was part of life itself, with ups and downs, experiences,  the real world.

What I remember as most outstanding on this ship, was the team spirit.

Not one time did we had to say: "This is impossible, it cannot be done."

Time and time again, this tough-as-nails-team fixed everything, and also had big fun out of it.

I would feel more ensured if, on the next ship, I could bring some of this spirit.

It would be a recipe for succes.

Thanx to everybody, all these years on Mercator.  It was worth being here.

Never fade nor die.



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