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The "Goryo 6 Ho" is a remarkable dredger, typically for the investment attitude of some Asian dredging companies.

The vessel is owned by Hyundai Engineering & Contsruction, South-Korea.

  • Hopper capacity: 27.000 m3
  • Length o.a.: 224 m
  • Breadth 32.2 m
  • Draught 12.3 m
  • Dredging depth 60 m

The "Goryo 6 Ho" was originally a Panamax bulkcarrier, converted in a trailer dredger in 2001, and equiped with IHC standard components.

Since then, this vessel has been a common sight on major dredging projects in Singapore and the Middle East.

The ship is single-screw, single rudder. It lacks the good manoeuvrability of purpose-built dredgers.

The size of the dredging installation is also sub-standard for this vessel size, resulting in long loading times and limited capabilities.

But the evssel carries 27.000 m3 of sand, and that makes it a welcome relief in today's dredging market, which is short in capacity, facing the giant projects in the Persian Gulf.



Deck - overview




Load indicator

Forward discharge pump

Deck, entrance to pumproom

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