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Kamsar Voyager

Around 2000-2003, you could see a special dredging combination at work in Singapore: "Kamsar Voyager" a converted bulkcarrier, and the "Odin R", a converted bucket dredger. These unlikely partners teamed up in the hot Singapore dredging market these years, as an alternative way to transport sand long distance.

 "Odin R" approaches "Kamsar Voyager" prior to loading the bulkcarrier

The idea of Sembcorp Enginneering - Singapore was to keep capital investment low, lower than an investment in jumbo trailer dredgers, reflecting the typical low-tech low-capital attitude of Asian dredging companies.

This spread could only handle this one job: sandwinning and -transport; unlike trailer dredgers, who are able to handle a multitude of jobs.

"Kamsar Voyager" could carry 30.000 m3 of sand in one trip, but took days to discharge this load.

The whole cycle went as follows:

  • "Kamsar Voyager" went alongside "Odin R" , connects with a device similar to bowconnections on trailer dredgers. The whole combination remains at anchor during loading.
  • "Kamsar" is loaded
  • "Kamsar" sails to discharge area and can unload through side discharge rainbownozzles with his own dredgepumps.
  • During absence of "Kamsar Voyager", "Odin R" can still load other barges 

Production of this spread was lower than expected, and the whole combination went out of business by 2003, "Kamsar Voyager" returned to bulker.

Kamsar Voyager


Since sand is a heavy load, only half of the bulkers' holds were used. On top of every hatch a tetrapod was mounted, to manipulate the cargopumps.


Discharging was done by way of these pumps and sidecasting rainbownozzles.

Odin R

 The "Odin R" was a bucket dredger, converted into a plain suction dredger, and is owed by Rohde Nielsen, a Danish dredging outfit.



The ship is equipped wityh a standard "bow" connection on starboard side (for connecting to the "Kamsar Voyager" ) and a normal barge loading arm on port side.

A plain suction dredger is normally used stationary, anchored.

Rohde Nielsen claims that the "Odin R" can dredge as deep as -51 meter, with an extended suction pipe even up to -100 m, and can be used a trailer dredger, using a normal draghead.

(Probably, but not efficiently so).



Marc Van de Velde

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