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The trend of making artificial islands for real estate development, started with the "Palm Islands" and "The World" in Dubai and "The Pearl" in Qatar, triggered other countries to consider likewise, adding the local flavour and climate to their projects.

Most of these projects are still afloat somewhere between dream and reality.

Federation Island - Black Sea

The Russian Federation plans -well- a miniature "Russia" in the Black Sea off Sochi,  that will house athletes for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

With the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi still over 6 years away, the city's planning committee isn't wasting any time... they've asked a consortium of Japanese companies to help build a 350-hectare island complex - shaped like Russia - in the Black Sea to house Olympic athletes.

Since Sochi won the right to host the 22nd Winter Olympics, property prices have risen 40 %, making the estimated $6.2 billion cost of "Federation Island" look good.

Post-games plans for the group of 10 artificial islands include apartments and villas for up to 25,000 residents.

The project is seen by both Russia and Japan as a unique way of improving relations between the two nations. Japanese construction firms have earned a reputation for building in earthquake prone areas, and the Sochi region in southern Russia does indeed have a "shaky" history.

The project will also provide much-needed work for Japanese builders hurt by the country's lingering economic doldrums and reduced government spending on public works projects.


The 6.2 billion$ project was announced at the International Investment Forum 2007 and has the highest level approval by former president Vladimir Putin.

The project will be developed by M-industries of St. Petersburg in co-operation with Dutch engineering companies Witteveen & Bos and Van Oord.



The whole plan is not yet beyond the planning phase, and remains speculative up till now. 

The economic downturn may well delay or cancel the project.


Cedar Island - Lebanon

Another project, not past the planning-and-finding-investors-phase is "Cedar Island", projected off the Lebanon coast.


A local copy of Dubai's "Palm Islands" the "Cedar Island" would be partially reclaimed with sand, but the use of "Very large Floating Structures" (VLFS), and Semi-submersible floating structures is still under consideration.

From disbelief to bewilderment, the proposed Cedar is taking the Lebanese by storm.

The blueprint for the artificial island, covering an area of 3 million square meters, in the shape of the Cedar Tree, will boast the usual real estate plethora and tourist facilities in the Lebanese part of the Mediterranean Sea, once completed.

The idea for this man-made island has created a strong divide between the Lebanese; some even call it a hoax. Most Lebanese oppose the project. Supporters see it as a symbol of nationalist pride, creating jobs, cashflow and other economical benefits to their country. The opponents see the damage to environment and local culture, by an influx of tourists and expats.

The whole idea is quite a few years old, has been creating buzz and momentum ever since, and has been a pet project of architects and politicians, but recently gathered real clout.

It has not yet governmental approval (as of March, 20 2009), contrary to what is said on the project's official website.


"Cape Grace" peninsula - Monaco


Not really an island, but an artificial peninsula, this plan would have extended the territory out to sea by 12 hectares, near the well known Grand Prix tunnel. 

Around 275,000 square metres would have been created of which 40 per cent would have been housing, plus offices and facilities. 

A final decision in which consortium would handle the job was expected by January 2008.

 The project would make extensive use of floating and semisub structures -technology. 

This plan would have created some of the world's most valuable real estate, though it was small scale, compared to other projected man-made islands.

The plans were shelved in december 2008, in the midst of the rising financial crisis.

And what about the Netherlands ?

Supposedly a gimmick ? 


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