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Capsizing of TSHD "Nautilus"


On date 30/11/2006 the trailer dredger "Nautilus" capsized, during a project in the Republic of Congo, West-Africa.

Three crewmembers died in this accident.

The Dutch "Raad voor de Scheepvaart" (a maritime investigation branch of the Dutch Government with the power of disciplinary sanctions for mistakes made by mariners) investigated this accident, and has reached preliminary conclusions

The captain is sanctioned with the revoke of his STCW for a period of two months.

Besides this disciplinary court, the captain may be hold responsible before a criminal court, concerning the dead of three crewmembers.

This report is particularly important because it discusses in length the specific issues of stability of hopperdredgers.

The dredging company is pointed out by the court for their share of blame.


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