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 Recently, we had a chance to visit "Cristobal Colon", the 46.000 m3 megatrailer, which is in the last phase of building, at Bilbao, Spain.

"Cristobal Colon" heads the JDN large newbuilding program of 20+ units.




First impressions count. 

And Cristobal Colon makes quite an impression. 

"Cristobal Colon" is post-Panamax, and crammed full with the usual array of dredging equipment, cranes, gantries, pumps, pipes, valves, ....  and -as a whole- it's a gargantuan piece of dredging kit.


Bulbuous bow.

The ship's underwater form is clearly built for speed.







View facing aft starboard: underwaterpump, motor and support structure.

"Cristobal Colon" has a double set of dredge pipes with underwater pumps.






And this is what a 46.000 m3 hopper looks like on the inside ... 

The whole design of the ship is much more sober, streamlined, lightweight and maintenance-friendly than hoppers ten years old and older, reflecting the ongoing dynamics of improvement in the dredging industry.

All these properties translate into: more cargo, more speed, less components, less problems, less downtime.

View the launch of Cristobal Colon:



Marc Van de Velde

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