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Improving production on hopperdredgers


Just in: this thesis by a student from the Antwerp Nautical College, with the title "Optimalisation of the dredging proces on hopperdredgers, during trailing".

 A few quotes:

           "More sand, less time." 

           "There is no such thing as good production, there is only better production."

which shows that this student got to the core of things.


The author, "learning the ropes", on TSHD Gerardus Mercator.






The text is written in Dutch.

The first part describes a trailerdredger from operational point of view, while the second part  deals with the management part, with chapters as "Bunkercycle", "Borrow area management", "Data-analysis", "UKC-management", etc.....

Download (2.75 Mb) .pdf


 Marc Van de Velde




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