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The New Suez Canal

The Nicaragua Canal

Energy Island


Every idiot can load a hopperdredger to the gunwales, but to get that load safely to the discharge area, time and again; a thousand times... and to maximize that load, with minimal risks,... need some reflection.


 Old dredging technique: the "Spuikom"


STPM for dummies

Accuracy of STPM

Troubleshooting STPM








"RoRo Deepming concept by Damen Dredging





 "Canal Istanbul"

Ultra-dredger "Leiv Eiriksson" goes Oman

"Sand" by Michael Welland ; book review

Thesis "OMOB for trailer dredgers"

Dredging in heavy weather

Hoppernozzle engineering


Hoppernozzles; the Powerpoint presentation

Thesis "Optimalisation of dredging onboard TSHD

"Postnik Yakovlev" some serious earthmoving equipment.


"Optimalisatie van het baggerproces op TSHD"

Cristobal Colon "on the move"

The very basics of trailer dredging

More Island Art


Megadredgers an overview of newbuilding mega's and lengthened jumbo's (december 2008)


Marine diamond mining vessel "Peace in Africa"

Canal Dubai - Fujairah

The Jones Act      part I Why no foreign dredgers dredge U.S. soil ?

The Jones Act      part II What does the Jones Act means for injured seaman ?

Dredging on the Westerscheldt river don't get your experience the hard way, read it here

H2S   (hydrogen sulphide)    


Firefighting with hopperdredgers

Subsea trenching



Dredging freeboard                                                                            

Dubai for dummies                                                                  


One man operated dredgers     Safe ? ? ?      


Dredging industry battles vessel, manpower shortage

Dredging- the past two decades    20 years in dredging; how everything changed                         

Operating hydraulics during repairs                                                                                               

Turtle deflector on dragheads                         


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Captain's desk




GPS update june 2010

Cranework at sea

Voith Scneider simulator

Manning shortage, sept. 2008 update

 The pilotage paradox - a look into the Cosco Busan incident

Latitude-speed error on gyro compasses                                                 

"Rigging of Pilot Ladders" new brochure IMPA & MARISEC      

USCG safety alert  Watertight integrity                                                      

Vertical squat  What's the deal here ?   

Horizontal squat   

Yacht blocks VHF16, English Channel cut off                                

News on Ecdis    ... becomes mandatory (IMO)   


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Quote:  "A good captain knows what the weather is now. A better captain knows what the weather will be. And the best captain knows what the weather might be."

The weather envelope

The "other" hurricane season  by Fred PIckhardt



Weatherforecasting and aboriginals

Two typhoons

Tropical cyclone avoidance   "Ask your barometer ?"   


 Tropical cyclone predictability   

 Tropical cyclone predictability - an example (typhoon Nina sept. 2008)

Rogue waves   


GRIB files          Meteo info onboard part I                                                   

Weatherfax       Meteo info onboard part II                                                  

Internet            Meteo info onboard part III                                                 

Tropical cyclones From my own experience, not from textbooks               

Dredging in marginal weather conditions    Pushing the weather envelope with hopperdredgers.


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Spot the real dredger captain 

Kayaks and Collision Rules 


"This is sand"   -   dredging for die-hards



BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Windoc Incident - Story Behind YouTube’s Most Chilling Video

In August 2001 the Bulk Carrier Windoc was lined up on the Welland Canal’s Bridge 11 in Ontario Canada. After recieving the flashing amber approach light indicating that the bridge operator was aware of the vessel the captain lined up on the centerline and maintained a speed of 5 knots. Minutes later while the vessel was half way through the bridge started descending.

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 "Milland" - The Netherlands


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